Reading Plus® is a web-enabled reading intervention system that uses innovative technology to provide individualized scaffolded silent reading practice for students in third grade and higher.

Reading Plus® picks up where phonics and oral reading instruction leave off, providing rapid and sustainable comprehension and silent reading fluency gains. Reading Plus® develops sustained attention, word recognition automaticity, grade-appropriate reading rates, enhanced vocabulary, and improved reading comprehension.

The Reading Plus® system, designed in alignment with current reading research, develops and improves reading proficiency in students who are not responding to core interventions, and provides effective practice for students who are established readers. The seven component programs of Reading Plus® provide extensive engagement in high-success, differentiated reading activities.


The Math Maverick Tutor SAT Skill Builders is designed to help students with basic math skills that are required for the math portion of the SAT. 


The objective is mastery through perfect practice.  The program consists of a collection of Skill Builders.  Each Skill Builder is a set of practice problems concentrating on a specific skill set.  Skill Builder problem sets are randomly generated thus providing new, yet similar, problems for students to practice. 


This program is ideal for students who need to "brush up" on their math skills.  It also is very beneficial for students who want to maintain their math skills throughout the summer months.