"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I got my SAT scores back recently. I got an 800 on reading, 740 on math, and 760 on writing (10 on the essay). Thank you so much."

-- Williams student (Spring 2015)


"I got my ACT scores back and I got a 32!!!!!!!!!!
I can honestly say your advice… really helped me. The confidence I had in doing well after taking it so many times and having the practice really helped. Thanks for all your help!"

-- NFA Student (Fall 2015)


"Just wanted to let you know I got my SAT scores back and reading improved 110 points and math 40! I appreciate your persistence in getting me to do my work and reading plus."

-- Woodstock Academy Student (Fall 2015)

"Thank you guys so much for all the help! I felt extremely confident the day of and was able to finish the sections in the time given! You guys really helped a lot, I'll be sure to tell my friends if they need assistance too.  Again, thank you so much."

-- Marine Science Magnet Student (Fall 2015)


"When we first met I put down that I wanted a 30 and we weren't exactly sure because my psat scores weren't impressive but I want to give you a huge thanks because I do not know if I could have done it without you. I was so excited that I finished with a 30."

-- NFA student (Fall 2015)


"Thanks again for all the help. I'll make sure to tell my junior friends who are taking the SATs and send them to you!"

-- Hale Ray HS student (Fall 2014)


"Before I started working with Adam, my PSAT scores were in the 1800 range. I knew I had to focus on math, and Adam taught me how the math section can be easily stripped down to simpler problems using a few helpful tricks. I took the SATs twice, and my final math score was a 670 and my composite was a 2100. I went from struggling to score a 560 in math to raising my entire score over 200 points from my PSAT. I couldn't have done it without working with Adam and I know my test scored have helped my get into a lot of my top colleges!"

-- NFA student (Fall 2013)

"Adam, Thank you so much for helping me with my ACT. I got a 32 composite, up 4 points from my previous test. I got a 34 math, 34 science, 30 english, and 29 reading. It took so much pressure off my shoulders. I just want to say thank you again, I owe you that. Also, my parents will email you about the refund situation. Have a great Day! see you around. P.S.- I GOT A 32 MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YA!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!"

-- Montville HS student (Fall 2013)

"Hi Mr. Leiser! Just wanted to let you to know I got my SAT scores and they went up by 250 points!!! I got a 700 in Critical Reading, 770 in Math, and 670 in Writing!! Thank you so much!!!!"

-- Captial Prep Magnet Student (Fall 2013)


"Hey Adam, I just wanted to tell you the scores are in and I went up 160 points! I could not have done it without all of your tips and strategies, especially for my math score. I feel much more confident applying to George Washington University, my dream school, after receiving my new scores. Thank you so much!"

-- East Lyme HS student, Spring 2013


"My SAT score before receiving tutoring from Adam was a 1690 with a 470 in writing a 540 in reading and a 650 in math. I was skeptical at first about sat tutoring because I thought tutoring would consist of someone teaching me in a very similar manner as I am taught at school. I was mistaken as Adam taught me how to approach the SAT and my score went up from a 1690 to a 2010 consisting of a 610 in writing a 640 in reading and a 760 in math."

-- East Lyme HS student, Spring 2013


"Hi Adam! I got my ACT test scores back today. All of my individual scores went up
English: 30 - Math: 27 - Reading:29 - Science: 25 And the composite score went up to a 28"

-- Old Saybrook student, Spring 2012


"Brought my reading up to a 650! :) Thanks for everything.. I'm applying to college today ahh!"

-- Woodstock Academy student, Fall 2012


"I am very happy with my scores. Thanks for all the help Adam, I probably would not have done so well without your tutoring."

-- NFA student, Spring and Fall 2012


"I wanted to inform you that I received a 630 on the math SAT! Booyah! I wanted to thank you again for everything. The methods worked magic!"

-- East Lyme HS student, Fall 2010


"I just wanted to let you know that my math score went from a 470 to a 580!!!!!!!!!!!" Thanks for all your help."

--Waterford HS student, Fall 2010


"I just wanted to let you know i got a 1700 on my SATs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for working with me all summer and dealing with my awful test habits. Thank you so much because without you I would not be able to have increased my scores by so much. I'll keep in touch throughout college applications and thank you soooooooooooooooo much!"

-- Waterford HS student, Fall 2009


"I'm very happy with these scores and I'm glad to know that the tutoring did pay off!"

-- East Lyme HS student, Fall 2009


"I just found out that I got into Penn, and I wanted to thank you for helping me with my SATs. I could not have done it without you!"

-- Williams School student, Winter 2008


"Anne, Thank you so much for everything! I would not have been so confident without you!"

-- Sheehan HS student, Fall 2007


"I was extremely happy to see that I had raised my math score by 110 points. Originally I had received a 580. This time around I received a 690...I am extremely grateful for your help in achieving these results. Your strategies really worked."

-- Hamden High School student, Spring 2006


"Overall I was really happy. My cumulative score went up 160 points from the last time I took it! ...Thank you again for everything. I appreciate your time, encouragement, and willingness to help."

-- Yale GRE student, Fall 2005


"Thank you so much for helping me review for the SAT. I felt prepared and was really happy with my results...I owe much of it to you, and I will definitely refer you to my friends."

-- Cheshire High School student, Spring 2005

"Our daughter worked with Deena prior to taking the ACT for her second time (first as a sophomore, second as a junior). Deena provided guidance, feedback, and practical solutions to help her improve the ACT score by 6! She was thrilled! The investment in the tutoring is highly recommended!"

--Columbus Ohio parent (Summer 2018)

"I am thrilled with these results!  Thank you for all of your help in preparing (our son).  I know he did the work, but the preparation you provided was invaluable, in his opinion.  I was so pleased with the timely reports from Abby, her organization in providing him with what he needed for each session along with homework, the reminders before sessions, and her understanding when (our son) l had some illness issues before a session and had to reschedule.  I couldn't be more pleased and will be sure to recommend your company to all of our friends."

--Columbus Ohio parent (Summer 2018)

"Hi Adam, Thanks so much for your help with (our son’s) testing.  We are very thrilled with his SAT scores that just came in.  We thought you would like to see his results as well.  Thanks again for all of your help!"

-- Wheeler High School parent (Fall 2015)

"Hi Alicia: THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! You are a wonderful tutor and we are SO happy that you could work with Sabrina. We will DEFINITELY use you again! We do have another daughter who is a freshman and we want her to also have tutoring before the SAT’s. I will let you know how Sabrina did when we get her SAT results back. Adam- – I will be in contact with you in a month or so to talk about the computer program for the summer for Sabrina for the reading part. You both are great and I hope you have a great day!"

-- Old Saybrook parent (2014)


"Hi Adam- Yes you can certainly use their material as a testimonial. You helped them quite a lot I would say. And yes they are telling your friends to head your way."

-- Old Lyme parent of twins who each broke 2,000 (Fall 2013)

"Adam I am so impressed with you and Gus for being professional and not just trying to take our hard earned money. You have been very honest and open with us and we appreciate it so much!! It is actually refreshing!"

-- Stonington HS parent of a student who scored a 32 on the ACT. (Fall 2013)


"Hi Adam, Realized I had not updated you on my son's recent ACT test results. He scored a 28 composite score which is two higher than his previous score of 26 and puts him in the 90th percentile nationwide. So he was very happy, as were we, with the results. Thanks again to you, Gus and Marcus for helping to make this happen."

-- East Lyme HS parent (Fall 2013)

"Just thought we would let you know that my son earned a score of 30 on his ACT. He owes this mostly to you (so he says) so thank you very much. We do not have his writing score yet but I will let you know when we get that."

-- East Lyme HS parent, Spring 2013

"We were referred by several people to Adam Leiser from Your Ticket To College. We wanted SAT prep to help my son improve his math score. His score improved by 100 points!!! We were impressed with Adam's punctuality, dependability and frank and honest summary reports after each session. We would highly recommend him!!"

-- Fitch HS parent, Spring 2013


"Thanks Adam. Yes, she was very happy and the composite is equivalent to a 1980 composite SAT according to chart we have so that will help with some of her schools. We appreciate your support. Have a great summer!"

-- Oxford HS parent, Spring 2013


"Wow! My daughter's test scores increased over 200 points after working with Adam at "Your Ticket to College." He has a very comfortable way with teenagers, while also instilling discipline and providing focus to achieve strong results. We plan to continue with the Reading Plus program and additional private tutoring before taking the test again in September; with Adam's help, it truly seems realistic to garner the scores necessary to be considered by Ivy League and other top tier colleges."

-- Old Saybrook HS parent, Spring 2013


"Adam is honest, straightforward and has a great sense of humor! All of these qualities are needed during this stressful time. Adam made us aware of problem areas and helped us to set realistic goals for testing scores. While it was a difficult year for our family, he was an anchor, providing a personalized strategy along with laughs (think spoonful of sugar). Adam is also flexible. When we needed to tailor our approach he incorporated it into his teaching methods, which was a great help. Without his help we would not have met our testing goals. Thank you Adam!"

-- Fitch HS parent, Spring 2013

Hi Adam. We have great news- (my daughter) went up to 650 Math and 650 Writing- she is very happy! We all are. Thanks so much for everything!"

-- Waterford HS parent, Fall 2012

"Adam, Our daughter has not gotten a chance to email you regarding her SAT results. I will let her tell you tomorrow, but she improved significantly. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. We told Tim and Betsy yesterday how wonderful you are. Our daughter enjoyed (well maybe that's a strong word) working with you. Thanks again."

-- Bacon Academy parent, Spring 2012

"Anne, I appreciate you working with my daughter, especially on such a short time table. It really helped her and put her in the range for the schools she is applying for. Thank you so much. Keep in touch and I will keep your information and recommend your services any time I have the chance."

-- Northwest Catholic parent, Fall 2011


"I thought this year would be very hard for me and my daughter because she has a huge workload and had to prepare for the SAT and ACT. After studying with Adam for a month, she scored higher on the SAT than any of us had hoped. She was always happy to learn with him and obviously got a lot out of it. She will never have to take a standardized test again."

-- Ledyard HS parent (who scored a 2330 out of 2400), Fall 2011


"We were extremely pleased with the tutoring our daughter received from Your Ticket to College, to say the least! Her SAT math score increased from 510 to 610, and her writing score from 650 to 760, after receiving only 10 hours of tutoring from Chris. Though Chris was hired to tutor her in math, he also gave her pointers on general test taking, which probably helped with her writing score also. She has received scholarship offers of about $8,000 (per year) from each of the 7 schools she applied to...and even got an $8,000 offer from a school she didn’t apply to! Thank you, Your Ticket to College!"

--Winter 2011

"Thanks again to you and Jen for all your help and patience. It was certainly well worth the investment. We will definitely recommend you to others."

--East Lyme HS parent, Fall 2009

"Adam, I just wanted to make sure that I formally and sincerely thanked you for all your work with (my son). His scores went up 150 points! He even made honor roll the first quarter!!"

-- Wheeler HS parent, Winter 2008


"We were very pleased with Mallory's assistance. She was accommodating, easy to work with, and effective. Her help for just a few hours resulted in a significant improvement in the math score on the SSAT."

-- Foote School parent, Fall 2008


"[My daughter] was extremely excited at 7 AM this morning when she checked her SAT scores. Excited is usually not a word one would use to describe [my daughter] at that time of day unless it was because she couldn't find any clean jeans to wear. She got 700's on Math and Verbal. Thanks for your efforts and guidance!"

-- East Lyme HS parent, Fall 2008

"I have two children who went through your tutoring program. My son's math score increased 100 points. He is now attending Cornell. My daughter's math score increased 90 points. Her SAT super score is now 2220. You have a great program!"

-- Hamden HS parent, Spring 2008

"Anne could not have been more positive with my daughter, always telling her she can do it. She was always willing to answer and address any concerns I had. A professional in every way!"

-- Sheehan HS parent, Winter 2008

"Please do not hesitate to refer any students to us for recommendation. Imagine how happy we were when [our son's] SAT scores went up 160 points! This was exactly what you predicted!"

-- Waterford HS parent, Winter 2008


"Thanks for everything!! You were the perfect match as a tutor for [my daughter]. She never complained about the whole SAT process."

-- Westerly HS parent, Fall 2007


"Well worth the money spent. You'll have lots more work to do with my younger daughter..."

-- East Lyme HS parent, Fall 2007


"I was thrilled to realize that [my son] truly committed himself to this cause...this will broaden the # of college choices. Thanks again Chris and Adam!"

-- Lyman Hall parent, Fall 2007


"Both my wife and I feel Christina has been very effective and firm (when appropriate) with [our son] and are thrilled she can stay on until he takes his SAT’s on March 1st."

-- Coginchaug parent, Winter 2008

"Thanks again for all of your help. I received positive feedback from parents of the students that attended. Their children came home and told them that the session was very informative and helpful. I look forward to working with you again."

-- Wolcott Adult Education Director, Fall 2007


"Thanks for everything. I know [she] wasn't the easiest 17 year old to deal with. I know that she went there with an attitude, tired, grouchy, moody and unprepared sometimes! I appreciate everything you did. If it wasn't for you, the school probably would have never listened to me [about her learning disability]."

-- Milford High parent, Summer 2007


"Thank you so much for being so accommodating with [her] schedule. She mentioned tonight that she feels that you are helping her much more than her previous tutor...I will surely keep your name to recommend in the future."

-- Hamden High School parent, Fall 2006


"Thank you for all your SAT coaching and more importantly for boosting [his] confidence. He truly learned to trust you... He really liked working with you and will actually miss seeing you."

-- North Haven High parent, Fall 2006.


"[My son] truly feels he wouldn't have done as well if you hadn't spent the quality time with him (Thank you so much!!) and would like you to help him improve on the reading / writing."

-- Xavier parent, Spring 2006

"We were really very happy about [her] score....I'd like to have you work with her [in the fall]. Thanks again."

-- Sheehan High School parent, Spring 2006

"You have a great program, and I would recommend you to anyone who asks."

-- Berlin High School parent, Spring 2006

"I was impressed with the a) reliability b) follow through c) flexibility and accommodation for personal schedules and d) personal support for both child and parent perspectives."

-- Hamden High School parent, Fall 2004


"Thanks for all your help tutoring my son for the SAT. He really enjoyed your sessions--it was a very positive experience for him."

-- Sheehan High School parent, Spring 2005


"We focused on [my daughter's] math and it went up 90 points. Without tutoring we feel her math would have not gone up at all...We are very pleased we found you!"

-- Mercy High School parent, Fall 2004


"The personal, one to one tutoring was extremely beneficial and instrumental in my daughter's success."

-- North Haven High School parent, Fall 2004


"Thank you for your excellent work with my daughter. She was very pleased with the classes and with her score increase."

-- Hamden High School parent, Fall 2003

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. We have worked with countless student-athletes, as well as students with busy work schedules and after school activities like band, chorus, or the school play. In spite of these scheduling challenges, approximately 80% of our students see the results they hoped to see--the average increase on each section is nearly 100 points! Read what parents and students say about us...