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Your child is one of a kind!

That's why Your Ticket to College provides tutoring as unique as they are.

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We've Got You Covered

Flexible, one-on-one structure

to meet the needs of every student from the comfort of their own homes through our online platform.

Transparent student progress

keeps parents informed while facilitating student growth and independence.

Honest advice

from a local business that has worked with thousands of students and has perfected motivational and educational strategies for effective tutoring practices over the past 20 years.

About Us

It's nice to meet you. We're Your Ticket to College. Our mantra is simple: provide families with honest, affordable, and transparent test preparation services. Where other businesses focus on classroom learning and covering every type of question, Your Ticket to College focuses on exactly what our students need. Time is valuable- and when we save your student's time, you also save money.  



Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. We have worked with countless student-athletes, as well as students with busy work schedules and after school activities like band, chorus, or the school play. In spite of these scheduling challenges, approximately 80% of our students see the results they hoped to see--the average increase on each section is nearly 100 points! Read what parents and students say about us:

"I got my ACT scores back and I got a 32! I can honestly say your advice really helped me. The confidence I had in doing well after taking it so many times and having the practice really helped. Thanks for all your help!"

— NFA Student (Fall 2015)

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